How to Order Chinese Newspapers, Magazines and Books in Canada

Matters Regarding Ordering Domestic Newspapers, Magazine, and Books

One of the most common complaints we hear from students who leave China to study abroad is that they feel out of touch with their local community when returning.

While major magazines and websites like or will cover the major events in the country – they often miss the local news (about local businesses, sports teams, and cultural events.

You may be thinking that these things are easy to find on the Internet, but the reality is they’re not.  Local news websites in China are infrequently updated and most locals rely on print newspaper to stay in touch with their community.

Because of this, we decided to write a post about how students can find and subscribe to local newspapers while they are outside of China. Continue Reading →

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Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Higher Education

Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Higher EducationThe Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Quebec, Canada (hereinafter referred to as the two sides) on March 14, 1980, December 23, 1986, February 25, 1994 and August 27, 1999, signed on the Higher Education Memorandum of Understanding. After 22 years of close cooperation, the two sides have developed a relationship of cooperation in the field of higher education. In order to further promote the development of higher education in China and Quebec, and to strengthen the cooperation of both institutions. Both sides want to update the way of cooperation in order to more effectively achieve the goals of cooperation. To this end, the two sides have reached the following consensus:
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Enjoying Canada

Leaving China to study in Canada is a great option. It will open up lots of good career opportunities for you in the future. While you are at it, make sure that you enjoy your stay.

Documented and Well Supported

The first thing to getting the best of times studying in Canada is ensuring that you are well supported with the proper documents. You would not want your worries about studying legally in a foreign land coincide with the actual lessons.

There are Canadian Embassies located in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Go to any of those locations to apply for your study permit and obtain the necessary supporting documents. Your applications for a permit must be submitted well ahead of time, at least three months before classes start to avoid hassles.

Canada Customs Guidelines

Another important aspect of your big Canada move is being well informed of what is considered good manner practices. This is an entirely different nation and it will help you avoid the pangs of intimidation and anxiety if you know how to go along. Learning more about the Canadian culture is key to “fit in”.

The Best of Canada

Canada is a large country with vast, untouched landscapes. Whatever activities you dig, you will surely enjoy it here. Make sure to squeeze in some time to appreciate the best of the country while caught up in your studies.

Roaming around the country is not that expensive. There are even unique experiences that will set you back for nothing.

• Storm Watch. This is one of the most amazing memories to treasure. Every winter, you can use your hotel room facing Vancouver Island’s west coast as a prime seat to the full fury of the storms travelling from Japan to the Pacific Ocean. Don’t worry the hotel windows are sturdy enough. Windows and doors Toronto companies manufacture quality products that can withstand harsh weathers.

• Ice Fishing. This is another unique Canadian adventure, mostly located in Kawartha Lakes, which is just 90 minutes away from Toronto.

It takes a hearty spirit to enjoy Canada at its best. Make the most of your stay. It will surely ease your homesickness.

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Tips on Saving Money While Still Having a Life

Being a student can be a tough thing but it is especially hard for immigrant students in an expensive country like Canada.  Many Chinese immigrate to Canada for their education but find it hard to make ends meet and still have some semblance of a life.  There are ways to save money while still managing to pay for tuition and enjoy life at the same time.

  • Plan your finances

Make a list of any income you have and your outgoings each month. Then you know how much money you have to play with. For things like mobile phones, shop around for the best and cheapest deal that suits your requirements – some charge a flat fee but give you unlimited texts or a certain amount of international calling included. Make sure you keep your payments up though, as this will be your lifeline.

  • Get a student discount card

One of these can save you quite a bit of cash in discounts off meals, movies, travelling, even buying a much-needed computer.  If the shop does not advertise that they accept these cards ask anyway – many places in Canada are willing to give students a bit of a break. Student discount cards typically offer 15% off where they are accepted.

  • Style your own hair

This one is for the ladies. Instead of going to costly hair salons once a month when you can afford it, do your own hair.  Hair styling equipment can be bought relatively cheaply and you can have a new style whenever you want it. Have a look at this useful information on the best curling iron to buy and get styling!

  • Be kind to the planet

Instead of turning up the heating and releasing more gases into the air, wear an extra layer or two.  Change your light bulbs for compact fluorescent ones – they are cheaper to run and better for the environment.  Keep your shower time to the minimum – you do not need the water running all the time. Just little changes like that can make quite a savings in your expenditure.

  • Learn a new skill and make some cash

If you can learn to do something that others may want you can make yourself a few extra dollars to go towards your spending cash each month. One thing you could learn to do is hairdressing. You do not need to learn the full trade, just enough to get by and help your friends out while making some money.

One of the easiest things to learn is how to curl or wave hair.  There is plenty of information on the internet and you can find some great help here on choosing the best curling wand.

Life doesn’t have to be boring when you are a student. You can still afford to pay your tuition and have time and money left over for enjoying yourself while you are there.  Learn some money management tips – speak to your microeconomics teacher for some help – and learn how to spend to save money.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Being a Student Immigrant

Being an Chinese immigrant studying in Canada can prove to be difficult. Every day they have to deal with various challenges like language barrier, foreign culture, and of course academic challenges. Even if one is fluent in English, it is still not easy to cope up with the accent that Canadians have. A foreign culture is also something difficult to get used to. There are practices that are sometimes new or offensive for them. All these they need to deal with on top of their academic life, where stress and challenges also abound

If you are one of the many Chinese immigrant students in Canada, chances are you have been experiencing these difficulties along with being homesickness. Let us take a look at some of the things you can do to overcome these challenges.

Get exposed

Overcoming language and cultural barrier is never easy but the first step to achieving this is to expose yourself to it. Get out of your shell and strike conversation or even friendship with your fellow students. As you do this, you get to notice along the way that you are overcoming your initial difficulties.

Another thing you can do to overcome these problems is to allow yourself to get to know Canada. You can do this by travelling. Go to museums and art centers. Get to know the culture through their music and art. This will give you a deeper glimpse into the culture of the Canadian people. It will allow you to better understand the people of the country you migrated into.

Get to know the country

Travelling to the countryside and experiencing the outdoors is also a great way of getting yourself settled into the country. You can also visit the famous Niagara Falls along with a number of different places. This is a great way of discovering the beauty of Canada and developing that love for this country.

You may have some reservations for travels since you are in a foreign land. If you can see that you will be out for a while, consider renting a storage container from companies like Local Storage Container Rental. This will allow you to secure your properties for the duration for the trip.

Save some money and go out for a travel as soon as the semester or year ends, it will be very rewarding.

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Why Chinese Immigrants are Struggling to Live in China

China is a beautiful country, perhaps one of the most diverse in the world. Many people visit it as tourists, some choose to stay.  I visited, using a top company who organize tailored China Tours and I was amazed at the sheer beauty and color of the country.

Yet, every year, more and more students leave China and head to other countries, especially Canada.  Canada is an obvious choice – it has cleaner air, a better healthcare system and a stronger education system. Real estate is cheaper compared to some parts of China so, to some, it must seem like a dream destination.

What is not there is the ability to make good sums of money.  Like any country, Canada is suffering through the financial crisis and there are not enough jobs, let alone well-paid jobs, to go round.  And so, many of the students who come over to Canada to study and live are finding that they are having to move on to earn the money.

A Change in Immigration Policy

One of the biggest problem is a recent change in Immigration policies. Where once they used to favor skills now the country tends to favor those who have money to invest. This, however, is being addresses through several changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Problem although, like any policy, it may take time for the changes to come into effect.

Increasingly, Canada is now considered more of a place to retire than it is to live and work. More and more Chinese immigrants are flooding back into China after their studies, finding that they can now earn better money there than anywhere else – they just can’t get the education they need.

What Needs to Be Done

What is really needed now is a shift in vision. Instead of trying to make it attractive for students to come and study in Canada, they should be able to move between the two countries with more ease, especially if they have a talent and skill that is in demand.

They should be given the same treatment, if not better, than those who have the money but not the skill.  After all, although investments are good for any country, without the skilled workers it will not make any difference how much money is ploughed in.

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Living as a Chinese Student in a Foreign Land: Tips on How you can make it in Canada

Relations between China and Canada have never been better and you can find the prime indicator of this is the number of Chinese immigrant students. Canada’s overall ranking was considered average when compared to the education all around the world. However, this is due to the country’s insistence on providing an equal education to every student. It’s no surprise that young people from mainland China have chosen to further their schooling in the Great White North. Of course, this doesn’t immediately equate to a free pass; students, after all, still have to find a way to pay for this education. Here are two tips on how you can make ends meet.

1. Scholarships

In 2013, Chris Alexander who is the minister of citizenship and immigration, visited mainland China to promote the growing number of opportunities for the Chinese people. One of those opportunities involves an extensive scholarship program. To apply for this grant, one must submit a letter of acceptance from a school which participates in the Student Partners program. A student must also score 5.5 or higher on an IELTS test or have a Canadian high school diploma. One will also need a guaranteed income certificate from participating financial institutions. After that, it’s just a matter of getting a medical examination then one can submit these credentials to a Visa Application center.

2. Personal and Student Loans

Loans are a little tricky in that they are entirely based on eligibility. For Chinese students, this is made even more problematic by the fact that only citizens are allowed to take out loans. However, one can apply for one of these loans by applying for permanent resident status. Students must also demonstrate real financial need, be enrolled in 60% of a full course load with an institution which is designated as a post-secondary school, and finally, pass a credit check if you are 22 or older. If you pass all of these criteria, then applying for loans will only be a matter of waiting on approval. Sites that offer personal loans usually have calculators and tools that you can use to have a better idea on your payment.

Focus on your studies and take advantage of this great opportunity.

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Tips for Fitting into a New Culture

It has already been a week since you have set foot in Canada for your studies, and you are already feeling like you don't belong. Like many other immigrant Chinese students like you, it is a natural feeling to be scared and lonely in a new culture so different from home. However, once you get the hang of things and learn how to get around on your own, you can easily overcome your homesickness, the culture shock, and the language barriers you've encountered in this new place.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your exciting journey here in Canada:

Look forward to interacting with other people on and off-campus

While talking to people of other nationalities may seem daunting at first, it is a good way to establish good relationships and to build up rapport with others. Always remember that the people you see everyday have interesting stories to tell about their own experiences, cultural background, and interests because each one of us is unique in our own way. Even if you aren't very fluent in English, have confidence in yourself and take note that there are various ways to communicate to others aside from verbal language.

Practice your communication skills

Once you've gained confidence in knowing that you can easily connect with other people, build up your communication skills by using English or French with your friends, classmates, and professors! Don't be afraid to apply what you have learned and to expand your knowledge of the language because sometimes, what is taught in language textbooks is different from what is being used. Also, everyone makes mistakes at first, so push aside your language blunders to laugh at later and enjoy the learning experience. Should you need professional translation services to build up confidence, Textualis is an online website which can help you out.

At the end of the day, it is important to take note that fitting into a new culture and a new place is never easy for anyone. Accepting this fact is the first step into developing the right attitude and confidence so that you can fit in wherever and whenever you go. 

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Things You Will See Moving To Canada That You Won’t See In China

China and Canada are both very different countries located on opposite sides of the world. While China is one of the world’s most populous countries per square mile, Canada has some of the least-populated land. In fact, China has more than 39 times more population than Canada has. As a result, things are very different in both countries for gun enthusiasts. This article will outline some things found in Canada that won’t be found in China.

Bear Traps

Canada is the only country of the two that has a large bear population. As a result, many Canadians enjoy hunting for bears since they don’t have to worry as much about the bear population going extinct. In China on the other hand, most of the bears that used to live there have been killed off. A few exist, but many of these are only kept in farms in order to harvest their bile. Chinese people often refer to these bears as “bile bears”. Nonetheless, hunters in Canada enjoy hunting for bears by using bear traps. Some hunters will even go out and try to hunt bears with their own rifles, which can be a very challenging and exciting experience.

Widespread Gun Ownership

One of the best parts about being a Canadian is being able to own guns. In Canada, approximately 31% of citizens own guns, while in China just 4.9% possess a firearm. Additionally, many of these firearms in China are owned illegally, but are necessary due to widespread corruption and unrest. In Canada, any citizen that understands firearms security is able to own, possess, and use a firearm freely. The same goes for firearms equipment and accessories.

Moose Hunting

With so much unspoiled wilderness, Canada is a great place for hunting moose. Finding and successfully shooting one of these animals will yield hundreds of pounds of meat. As a result, many Canadians enjoy hunting for these animals during the appropriate time of the year. In fact, tourists come from all around the world to come hunt moose during the winter months. Some of these tourists might just be Chinese people, since in China there are no moose available to hunt. Over in China, the only moose population that exists are those that can be found in zoos.

Affordable Hunting Licenses

In China, resources are very scarce. As a result, the Chinese government charges very high rates for licenses to kill animals. Instead of the annual licenses that Canadians are used to, the Chinese charge an annual rate in addition to a fixed price per animal killed. Prices range from a wolf at $200 to yaks at over $40,000 each. The rates are so high that an average of 1,347 animals hunted per year yields $3.6 million in revenue for the Chinese government. Compared to the affordable hunting licenses that can be found in Canada, these rates are truly astronomical. Of course some animals can be hunted for free, but the same is true in Canada. This is truly something that every Canadian gun owner can enjoy!

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How to Save Money During College

Moving continents for higher studies can prove to be quite exciting and challenging. One of the many challenges that most expat students have to deal with is managing their finances during the course of their studies. It is liberating, as it teaches some life lessons and helps them in becoming independent in life, but all these things come at a huge cost that has to be paid. Making ends meet is not as simple as it sounds, working legitimately or illegally for an extended number of hours and paying the hefty of college tuition fee, meet overhead expenses and other essentials for life, can become quite difficult. So, to save money proactively and make college life pass more smoothly, here are a few tips that might help. 

Choose Lodging Wisely
This particular expense, literally chops away a chunk of income on a monthly basis. Choosing an affordable dormitory or apartment and managing keeping up with rent payments should be a priority. If you had a luxurious and comfortable apartment or house back in China, chances are you might have to downgrade your living standard in order to make it affordable. Look out for students who, like you, would want to rent an apartment on a sharing basis. Another option that is even better would be to look out for elderly people who would be looking for companionship. These senior people usually are looking for a younger person who can live with them, who could run the daily errands and give them company during meals. All this in exchange for zero or really low rent can lead to an exponential increase in savings. 

Buy Used Textbooks
HowStuffWorks highlights that buying used textbooks instead of brand new ones can help save a lot of money. Usually a semester does not last longer than 4 to 6 months. For this time duration, used textbooks can prove to be quite economical. On a side note, sharing books with friends who are in different sections, but same semester can also reduce the used textbook price to half. Many online bookstores also have the same books or reference books for the subjects that can be utilized by paying reduced prices or student friendly membership fees. 

Cut Down Junk Food
It seems impossible, but can be implemented if made a goal. Junk food is easy to buy and tastes great too, but it is neither nutritious nor cost effective. Compare a bag full of crisps, carbonated drinks, chocolates and popcorn with a bag full vegetable and fruits, the difference in price, taste and nutrition is humongous. However, affordable and nutritious vegetables and fruits can be made extremely tasty too with a few time saving and easy to use options such as a food dehydrator. Not only would it save the time spent in preparing fresh meals, as it preserves all vegetables and fruits with its nutritional values, but with the many recipes yummy dehydrated foods can be made as well. To check out the best value for money, read food dehydrator reviews at the Dehydrator Reviews Guide. Alternatively,  check out one of the most popular Excalibur dehydrator reviews here if large quantities of foods need to be dehydrated and stored. 

These few tips would bring down living expenses considerably and will make the overall college life easier, with less financial problems. 

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To Be Fair Or To Be Tanned? That Is The Question

For many so-called FOB (fresh off the boat) Chinese students living in North America, especially females, the issue of skin complexion can be confusing owing to the differences in cultural attitudes towards fair and tan skin. In this article, we examine the historical and cultural context of this phenomenon, and also attempt to offer some advice for those caught in this predicament.

History & Culture

A number of photographs of Chinese women putting on masks in an attempt to conserve their fair skin while swimming in the sea have been noticed on Chinese blogs. Many other ingenious means of protecting the skin from the sun are prevalent in China, besides age-old proven advice from ancient Chinese medical practitioners on enhancing skin whiteness. Does this indicate an obsession for fair skin?

A 220-year old Chinese scroll talks about a fabled attractive Chinese queen, Zhao Feiyan who took the formal name Empress Xiaocheng, wife of Emperor Cheng (circa 32-1BC) as having ‘snow-white skin’. This lends substance to the belief that fair skin was historically considered beautiful in China. Another legend says that affluent Chinese people would grind pearls into a white powder and swallow it, hoping to whiten their skin. There is no doubt that a slim and demure figure was venerated as a hallmark of beauty; however, fair skin was always rated highest on the beauty scale and zealously pursued. An equal number of stories abound of dark-skinned Chinese people being treated as outcasts.

Traditional Chinese recipes and medicine still exist for gaining fairer and more radiant skin in the revered medical tome Bencao Gangmu. They suggest use of ingredients that are entirely natural and freely available. Most of them have been reworded and offered as tips on the web. Some of these are:

  • Absorb 15 minutes of early morning sun and stay out of the sun thereafter. Use a parasol to protect your face from the sun if you have to go out later in the day and wear white dress.
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day and keep your face clean.
  • Wash your face with lemon juice; it is effective in skin whitening. Also, drink lemon juice often.
  • Make and use a face mask using honey and lemon juice. Wash it off after an hour.
  • Make a paste with lemon juice, rose water and barley flour. Apply this paste thinly on a damp face and keep it on until the face dries. Wash off the paste with cold water.
  • Apply tomato puree on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Milk is the best natural skin whitening agent. Drink a glassful before going to bed at night.

Skin Whitening Today

Times have caught up with China. In today’s globalized market, in which this emerging giant plays a leading role, all external applications and emollients available in the western world are as easily available in China and products like skin whitening creams, lotions, pills, sun blocking creams, bleaches and others sell as well there as anywhere. For example, this detailed review covers best skin whitening creams. The Chinese cosmetic industry is flourishing and the fair skin industry is expected to cross the $2 billion mark in 2014-15.

The western world has seen a sudden turnaround in its perception of beauty, where lightly tanned skin supposedly projects an image of a person having enough time every day for leisure, instead of working at a desk for money. Will Chinese people think likewise? The response is even handed. In China, tan is almost taboo. If a Chinese person has emigrated, she/he should go by that country’s norms. That said, there are certain beauty standards there are near universal and cuts across different ethnicity and age groups. One of which is youth. A quick perusal of an online beauty magazine like will tell you best anti aging face creams are in demand regardless of culture (so perhaps one should just focus on looking youthful rather than obsess over skin tone?).

If a Chinese girl has gone to the west for higher studies, she would certainly like to be one with the group. She might find her fair skin a handicap as far as social activity is considered, particularly where boys are involved. Should she follow the herd instinct and get herself a tan? No, not immediately. She should first factor in the truth that she is a first-generation Chinese girl at large in a free-living western society.

Next, she should never undertake any activity that endangers her health. The old proverb, ‘Health is Wealth’ is certainly applicable here. She should then look for precedents, real life stories of the travails of currently third and fourth generation fully Americanized Latinos, Italians and Asians. But, at the end of the day, the decision is left to her, the individual. She knows both ends of the spectrum and should use her sense of balance to decide her future course of action.

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Being A Chinese Student In Canada Isn’t Cheap

As I’m sure you know the life of the student isn’t easy. And that’s doubly so for a Chinese student living in Canada, particularly for Chinese students who have been sent here by their parents.

Of course Canadian students have parents who live in Canada and most often those parents will help support the student. However I know of a number of us who have been sent over here by their parents to study and who are really finding it very hard to get by.

Of course the fees are one of the first issues. College fees are extremely expensive and I know of many Chinese students who have to find some form of work to help pay the fees.

It’s not easy for us to find paying work. I suspect that it’s a little easier for Canadian students to find paying work than it is for Chinese students, although I also know of some who are also finding it very difficult to get paid work.

Accommodation isn’t cheap, and many of us end up sharing a house to share the cost of accommodation. Often there’ll be 7 or 8 students all living in the same small house to divide the cost of housing between all of them. I’ve even seen more than this living in one house.

And other essential items like food are so much more expensive here in Canada than they are back in China. In China it’s perfectly possible to live on very little because food is so cheap, but here in Canada even basics, like fruit and vegetables, are very expensive.

So fees, accommodation and daily living expenses really add up and it’s very difficult to be able to get by every week. But of course there are even more expenses than this.

Each student is required to have his or her own computer, and it’s important to upgrade the computer every couple of years. A new computer every couple of years isn’t easy to afford.

And these days it’s also important for students to have their own phone. So many communications now are done on the mobile phone that you can get left behind if you don’t have a phone. And of course you wind up upgrading your phone every couple of years as well.

There is one tip that I can offer about your computer and your phone. Many students end up just keeping the old computer and phone in their room, but it is possible to get some money back from an old computer and phone. This helps with the bills a little.

There are places where you can sell old computers and phones. For instance I recently managed to sell my cell phone at Techpayout and got some money back when I upgraded.

Like I say, every bit counts.

So whilst it’s a wonderful experience for students to study in Canada there are some difficult issues to face as well. Finance is one of the biggest and hardest.

But it’s worth it in the end. If you’re a Chinese student and want to apply to study in Canada click here.

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